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MeeKo British Longhair Black Golden

After spending a lot of time researching various breeders, I contacted Tesoro Cattery, and I am so glad I did. We adopted a very very sweet, beautiful British Longhair kitten from Tesoro Cattery, and she is a truly wonderful cat. The owner of Tesoro Cattery was great about answering all of my questions throughout the entire process. She is a responsible and professional breeder who cares deeply about the well-being of her kittens. I highly recommend Tesoro Cattery and am already hoping to be a repeat customer!!!

Wecomle to check out Meeko on her Instagram: zoomiekitty5421

Karen C.

Gigi British Shorthair Black Golden

We’ve had Princess Gigi for a month now and she is the single friendliest cat I’ve ever met. She is so beautiful, sweet, cuddly, and loves to give kisses. Our vet said she’s very healthy and a beautiful kitty. My experience with Tesoro couldn’t be better!


Mycroft British Shorthair Black Golden

We welcomed our beautiful kitten, Mycroft, into our family in July. From the start, it was a pleasure to work with Sophia as she was extremely knowledgeable, and made the adoption process seamless. All of Tesoro’s kittens are adorable and well cared for. Sophia provided us with all the necessary paperwork, including a health certificate, and even a goody bag with toys, cat food, and treat samples. We were really impressed that Mycroft was so affectionate and well-socialized, came fully litter-box trained, and with how easily he adjusted to our family. Sophia also followed up with us after the adoption to make sure everything was going well, and she was very helpful answering any questions we had as new cat parents. Working with Tesoro has a been a great experience, and we wouldn’t hesitate to adopt from then again. Thank you for our precious addition!

Wecomle to check out Mycroft on his Instagram: meowcroft_holmes_


Cookie British Shorthair Black Silver

I got my cat, Cookie from Tesoro Cattery earlier this year- and she is the best kitty we could ask for. We chose her based on her parents photos, her baby photo, and a FaceTime video, but we couldn’t imagine that she would become such a smart, adorable cat with a loving personality. Everyone who sees her says they never saw a more beautiful, friendly cat. She has filled our home with so much joy, and we couldn’t be happier with her!


Pixie British Longhair White

I got my baby kitten Pixie from Tesoro cattery.From the start , Sophia have been very cooperative. I was updated with every details of Pixie. She sent me photos, videos, records of vet visits. She was very patient and flexible with me throughout the process. Even after Pixie came home, Sophia was responsive to my questions and concerns. I am very thankful .

Wecomle to check out Pixie on her Instagram: lilfluff.g


Haru British Shorthair Black Golden

I want to give our recommendation and praise to Tesoro Cattery, a breeder of British short hair. There is no question of Tesoro Cattery’s/Sophia’s trust worthiest and her love of animals.  She is an exceptional caretaker of both mother and kittens. She is not only knowledgeable but responsive, reliable, efficient, and devoted. She is always there, giving us help and insights.I have no doubt you would have the greatest experience welcoming a new kitten from Tesoro Cattery.

Lear H.

Tozer British Longhair White

Tozer came to our home as a surprise for my 50th birthday. My husband planned to replace a little stuff cat on my bookcase with a REAL cat for Tesoro Cattery – Tozer.  Tozer is unique in so many ways. He eats with his hands and loves to chase flies. He is deeply loved by our whole family and he constantly keeps us entertained.

Tammy L.


Shortly after we decided to have a new furry family member, we realized it was not easy to find the right breeder. What attracted us to Tesoro / Sophia was the sweet personality of the kittens. Sophia was very responsive and patient with all of our questions about the kittens and the reservation process. We adopted Argo, a super sweet and cute black gold British Shorthair boy!

Sophia spent a lot of time with Argo when he was a baby, so Argo is well socialized and trained. Argo started to play with us and check out the apartment the first night he got home. He likes to hop on our laps and kiss our foreheads, his way of showing affection and love! He also walks us to the door every time we leave (which makes it impossible to leave home!). At night, he would sleep at the end of our bed or play quietly if he is awake. Argo also loves people and he is really good at making friends! He would welcome all of our friends and let them pet and play with him.

We have already recommended Tesoro and Sophia to many of our friends!

Sherry Wang


I got my baby Shining from Tesoro Cattery this month,  she is really cute and healthy.  Moreover, I am really appreciate for the owner, she is very responsible, answered any questions carefully, and gave me a lot of advice.

Thanks so much for Tesoro Cattery, we have a new baby member for the family.



Pichu has been a warm and loving addition to our family. She is an extremely playful and well-adjusted kitten. Tesoro Cattery was very responsive and provided all paperwork necessary and answered all questions we had in the process. Pichu loves to play, nap and is a very independent, funny kitten. Everything about the process was easy and stress-free and Tesoro Cattery has been a great partner to work with. We love having Pichu around!

Rachael Dottle


I have always wanted to get a kitten and came across Tesoro on the TICA website. I looked at a few other choices on their social media but decided on Tesoro for multiple reasons. The kittens are absolutely the cutest. Sophia is great and was able to answer a lot of my questions when I first reached out not knowing how the buying purchase goes. She was very responsive before and after I received my baby. Overall I had a great experience with Tesoro and recommend this cattery to other people looking to purchase their very first kitten or overall an addition to their family. 

Feel free to follow me on my baby’s Instagram where I will be documenting my kitten’s growth.

Instagram: hello_zeno 



I adopted Eve on March 19th, 2022. She is a good company for me now, especially when I wfh. When I made up my mind to keep a cat, I went to TICA website trying to find a local breeder. This is my first time keep a pet and I had a lot concerns at that moment. After the FaceTime with the owner, her detailed explanation helped me made final decision. And I am very satisfied with the service provided by the breeder. The cat is healthy with complete health record. I think the breeder took a really good care of her. She was healthy, clean and with very good personality when I first met her. If you want to have a cat, I will highly recommend Tesoro Cattery.



My family and I did a lot of research and found Tesoro Cattery to be the perfect breeder. We adopted Wasabi, a British Longhair, and we are so grateful to have him! He is the sweetest, most playful kitty. He’s a super smart and silly boy filled with lots of curiosity. He is very sweet and has been so friendly with our senior cat. Wasabi is a great addition to our family and has brought so much fun into our lives. Tesoro Cattery was incredibly professional and truly cares about the health and happiness of their kittens!

Jhani Perez

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