Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a difference in pricing based on kitten colors?

It’s a matter of supply and demand. We breed primarily black/blue golden shaded kittens with the occasional tabby and points.  However, there is a large demand for some colors.

When can I pick up my kitten and take home?

After kittens receive their 2nd vaccination at 10-12 weeks. Generally, they can go home between 6-8 weeks old after receiving first vaccination, but we recommend after 2nd vaccination is better for them.

What kind of paperwork will I have when I pick up the kitten?

TICA breeder slip, up on date vaccination records, deworming records and free 30 days health insurance, local vet healthy certificate.

When should my kitten be neuter or spay ?

Veterinarian and I generally recommended that kittens be neuter or spay between 6-8 months.  We also can provide neuter or spay before you pick up the kitten with extra charge (depends on vet) and also need to wait until kitten reaches 6 months old for their body to fully grow.

Do you ship kittens and what is the cost?

UPDATE – United has temporarily suspended their PetSafe service due to COVID.  We can provide a driver or an in cabin pet nanny. He loves animals and gives your new kitten excellent care. Price depends on the distances.

Do you sell kittens with TICA breeding rights?

Sometimes, ONLY to approve homes or registered. There is an extra charge for TICA breeding rights.