Shortly after we decided to have a new furry family member, we realized it was not easy to find the right breeder. What attracted us to Tesoro / Sophia was the sweet personality of the kittens. Sophia was very responsive and patient with all of our questions about the kittens and the reservation process. We adopted Argo, a super sweet and cute black gold British Shorthair boy!

Sophia spent a lot of time with Argo when he was a baby, so Argo is well socialized and trained. Argo started to play with us and check out the apartment the first night he got home. He likes to hop on our laps and kiss our foreheads, his way of showing affection and love! He also walks us to the door every time we leave (which makes it impossible to leave home!). At night, he would sleep at the end of our bed or play quietly if he is awake. Argo also loves people and he is really good at making friends! He would welcome all of our friends and let them pet and play with him.

We have already recommended Tesoro and Sophia to many of our friends!

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