Please ​read​ each line carefully and fill out the form at the end.

We will open the waitlist when the queen is at 50 days of pregnancy. We will announce the king and queen, including what colors are expected also the price range. If you are interested you can fill out the application form.

  • By submitting my waitlist deposit and this complete form to Tesoro Cattery, I confirm the following:
  • It will be a $250 non-refundable deposit to join the waitlist.
  • If you didn’t have the chance to choose the one you want, for example: if you request a boy, but we don’t have one for you. In this condition, we can move you to the next waitlist or refund you. ( when we move you to the next queen waitlist your order will be after those people who paid first.)
  • When kittens are 35-50 days old, we will take individual pictures and videos for them to let people choose.
  • After you decide which kitten you want, send $250 more as a kitten deposit. (After you choose, the deposit is non-refundable unless we think the kitten is not in good condition for sale).
  • The rest payment pay when you pick up the kitten.